Why Cant We Give up Fossil Fuels?

Regardless that most of us are familiar with the restricted availability of fossil fuels, and the way dangerous they are for the planet well being, it seems we havent reduced our consumption of fossil fuels in all these years.

Please observe that weve way more oil, coal, and gas than we will sensibly burn, however, its exactly that point when we should pause and drastically lower our fossil gasoline consumption. Else, we, our coming generations, and more importantly, our local weather will have to undergo. Are we prepared for this?

The consumption of fossil fuels has only grown in the last few decades. Be it for powering our autos, or generating electricity, fossil fuels have become something we cant think about a life with out. So, is there any method out? Nicely, there may be. And, that is finding out new alternate options. Renewable energy could properly be the answer.

Sun rays, wind, hydro, biogas are among the preferred renewable energy sources. Several international locations have already lower again on their fossil fuel consumption, and assembly their power needs by solar and wind energy.

Renewable energy in India holds lots of promise; however, it requires authorities willingness and private sector participation. Many states in the country receive an incredible quantity of sunshine, which will be channelized as solar energy. Although wind turbines and photo voltaic panels are very much seen in a number of states of this nation, renewable energy in India continues to be in its infancy, and itll take many extra years earlier than the Indian economic system can turn out to be self-reliant by way of meeting its vitality wants.

Most sources of renewable vitality, akin to wind and solar dont pollute the climate. One other benefit with these power sources is they’re infinite, which implies irrespective of how a lot you consume them, they wont dry up.

Nevertheless, while you have a look at the ground realities, the picture appears grim with ever increasing consumption of fossil fuels. International warming has grow to be a big problem, and virtually all economies, which perceive the damage that emission of fossil fuels are inflicting to the climate, have mentioned it unanimously that consumption of fossil fuels must be brought down significantly.

The viable options embrace educating the folks and industries, and exploring and exploiting the untapped potential of the renewable energy in India. Emphasis ought to also be placed on optimum utilization of fossil fuels and making certain that every one captive energy plants operate to the better of their potentials.