Hollow Circulation Pump Process Expertise

1, Introduction Owned Sinopec Northwest Branch River on the 6th block oil is heavy oil, which is troublesome to make use of reserves, especially the northwest block of essentially the most typical, an oil viscosity of crude oil have been larger than 10000mPa? S (50 ), Because the borehole movement friction loss huge oil cannot only rely on the formation energy movement to the wellhead. Early in the block for temperature-delicate properties of crude oil, have tested the heating cable, heating pipes, heat pumps over other objects of thermal restoration technology, which S711 wells (70 oil viscosity 34593mPa? S) reached the maximum heating power of 310kW, TK6051 Wells (50 oil viscosity 24500mPa? s) reached the utmost heating energy 130kW, nicely still not been able to type a manufacturing capability.

Thermal recovery expertise on the summary analysis to find out the thermal restoration techniques exhausting to use reserves within the north-west block of the failure was as a result of block buried at a large (better than 5500m deep reservoir ), low temperature gradient (a hundred m temperature gradient 2.2 ), heat loss massive shaft, whereas decrease oil manufacturing, oil production is troublesome to kind a stable temperature.

Finish of the block located in the mining process mixing light oil viscosity on oil recovery expertise, the know-how can also reduce the wellbore fluid density and viscosity, so as to solve large wellbore circulation friction loss issues. April 2005, the TK6051 wells had been doped skinny composite hollow circulation pumps lifting process pilot take a look at, to properly over a 12 months-long suspension of the effectively received 18t / d of stable manufacturing for the subsequent step the block oil extraction technology provided the basis for matching, the expertise has good prospects.

2, the basic characteristics of reservoir and fluid

River on the 6th of Ordovician oil reservoir lure kind unconformity karst fracture gap traps. Strong heterogeneity of the reservoir, the vertical cracks within the reservoir normally as being a direct communication or communication linked component maze of native lithology and by the tight control of filling the role of the existence of closed oil or water reservoir system. Vertical distribution of oil and gasoline primarily within the karst holes, holes, Sutures, confirmed a continuous distribution, that is, do not clip the center layer of water. Reservoir? – Before formation strain sixty one.81MPa/5664m, the strain coefficient of 1.09, a standard stress system; reservoir formation temperature is 129.Four / 5664m, the common temperature gradient of two.2 / 100m, is a low temperature system.

River northwest of arduous to make use of oil reserves on the 6th block affected by the structural traits,? – Oil is heavy and additional heavy oil basically. For example, at 50 ,

60 , 70 and eighty for, S711 viscosity of crude oil wells have been 320000mPa? S, 112776mPa? S, 34593mPa? S and 12357mPa? S; S741 temperatures well above the viscosity of crude oil had been 8389mPa? s, 3699mPa? s, 1380mPa? s and 900mPa? s; S661 viscosity of crude oil wells had been 15997mPa? s6799mPa? s, 2759mPa? s and 1620mPa? s; TK4331 viscosity of crude oil wells had been 16097mPa? s, 6499mPa? s, 2819mPa? s and 1860mPa? s; TK6051 viscosity of crude oil wells, respectively 24500mPa? s, 6800mPa? s, 3100mPa? s and 1520mPa? s.

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