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Nicolai Sennels offers this transient commentary on the culpability of the mass media within the destruction of conventional nations and cultures.

The media’s biggest crime against democracy
by Nicolai Sennels

The media’s biggest crime against democracy and public debate is that over the past forty years slowly however certainly it has shifted the political scale. What was Left is now Middle, and what was Middle earlier than has turn into Right. What was as soon as Proper has now become the “radical Right Petroleum What was overly egalitarian and in some areas near Communism is at present Left.

chemical tower manufacturing installationSome declare that the media’s shifting of the political scale is a results of Arab oil cash invested in our massive media Synthetic Resin Equipment corporations. Specifically, that supporting Western values and nationwide tradition is a hindrance for immigration and Islamization. Others declare that the change happened as a result of most journalists are Leftists (in Denmark, 9 out of ten students within the journalism schools vote for the Left). A third rationalization is that a certain worldview methods concept has conquered the colleges. Systems theory claims that to a high diploma an individual’s actions are decided by outer components the system that the person is an “indivisible part of The Rightist view that people are liable for their own success, happiness, and actions, consequently suffers.