Gates Of Vienna

Serendipitously, all of those are requests for posting that I acquired in the last day or so. The Karma Dude at work again.

In France the Muslims have been in a rage were having their standard good time as they reacted to the information that France is prohibiting avenue prayers.

Vlad Tepes had this video concerning the scenario, and some alternative editorial opinions:

[They]demand that Muslims take up arms against the French state whereas chanting ‘death to Jews

Translators note: We found most of what this particular person was screaming incomprehensible. We translated only what we may truly perceive. By now nevertheless, I really feel readers can translate the Arabic bits for themselves.
Effectively, if that they had their approach we’d all be talking some type of Arabic or other. Would possibly as nicely get in a little observe, eh?

Q: Whose fault is this?
A: “Demise to the Jews!”
Q: What do you think the answer could also be?
A: “Death to the Jews!”

See, they have a remaining answer for everything.

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The Perennial Query: Israel’s Survival

Whether or not Israel can survive is a question posed by her enemies with great hope, and by her buddies with an abiding concern that as Israel goes, so goes the rest of the West.

In actual fact, it is the very idea of Israel as a linchpin, a canary in a coal mine (or whichever metaphor you’d select) that makes her foes and even a few of her frenemies act from inside the depths of a primitive concern. They’ll by no means admit it of course however you may recognize them easily enough by their congenital inability to admire another, by their fundamental philosophy of scarcity, or by that existential anxiety all of us have to one diploma or another: plain old envy. A part of the human condition is the struggle to search out the equipoise between envy and gratitude. Some folks, and a few cultures, by no means do.

Joshua Pundit seems to be at the question of Israel’s scenario via Victor David Hanson’s Nationwide Overview essay on the current danger. Hanson would have it that issues are at their worst resulting from the numerous mortal enemies around her.

JH responds:

Hanson cites the Islamist regimes in Egypt and elsewhere introduced on by the Arab Spring and their growing hostility to Israel, the genocidal influence of Iran and its missile armed proxies Hamas and Hezbollah, Erdogan’s Islamist Turkey, the massive influence of Arab petro-dollars, and the indifference and growing anti-Semitism in a lot of Europe and the exhaustion and debt of the United States.
In answering these issues, Joshua Pundit posits the past and current realities:

I might remind the eminent historian that Israel has confronted far worst and survived. In 1948, the British left Palestine, however not before confiscating as many arms within the hands of Jews as they may find and turning over strategic areas to Israel’s genocidal enemies. In the year main as much as that conflict, the British armed the Arab nations with fashionable weapons including aircraft and tanks in spite of their open and explicit threats of jihad towards Israel’s Jews. In the case of Jordan, the British not only educated the Arab Legion but officered it throughout the 1948 warfare and oversaw the ethnic cleansing of Jews from their homes in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem , led by a Jew hating British Colonel by the name of John Glubb, AKA Glubb Pasha. And this was a mere three years after the liberation of Auschwitz.

The Jews had no aircraft or artillery, and used homemade ‘Davidkamortars and improvised armored trucks as ‘tanks They were unable to purchase weapons from the United States because President Truman determined to place an arms embargo on both sides, something that affected Israel drastically and the Arabs not at all, since they had been able to buy arms openly from Britain and other European countries, many of whom were unwilling to sell arms to Israel for fear of angering the oil production wealthy Arabs. In one of the ironies of historical past, a significant cache of the arms the Jews used to win their conflict of independence had been Nazi arms left over from the occupation of Czechoslovakia, bought on the black market.
He reminds us that “the Jews prevailed…with out the assistance of Europe, the United States, or the UN”.

Look at the remainder of his essay, as he outlines the varied threats from Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Hamas and Hezbollah, and so on. advert nauseam. And as he realistically assesses the chance of help for Israel from anybody else.

Like the rest of us, he sees Iran because the wild card. And actually wild it is. Iran is destitute. Its young will not be reproducing; girls are turning to prostitution to pay their approach. Iran’s oil ‘reservesare poorly managed and going fast. It soon will probably be dealing with food shortages.