Changing Plastic To Oil

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Within the ensuing 15 years, the problem he foresaw has manifested. Due to the new “disposable mentality” that got here with plastic containers, we now are navigating the fallout of an enormous waste plastic problem, on a world Glycerin Refining Equipment scale. It’s complex, it is far-reaching and it’s intimately tied to politics and economics.

The nugget of the issue that he had been fascinated with all these years was what to do with the plastic waste we now generate – in the US alone, over 31 million tons a 12 months are generated with solely roughly eight% being recycled (2010).

Through the years, there have been various solutions proposed – diversion, burning, and so forth.; nevertheless, nothing so far has confirmed to be a actually effective or environmentally accountable answer to the burgeoning world landfill problem. The truth is, many current options have been simply the opposite: pricey, energy inefficient or equally as dangerous to the environment as the plastic itself. It is solely now, with the Plastic2Oil expertise, that there’s a solution that isn’t solely economically viable, but that is remarkably simple and “inexperienced” as nicely.