Can Chevron Keep away from Paying Clear-Up Prices By Hiding Behind Shell Companies?

Coal Liquefaction EquipmentThe Ecuadorians are in Canada, remember, as a result of Chevron pulled all its property out of Ecuador when it realized it was going to lose after a robust, eight-12 months environmental damages proceeding. (It misplaced as a result of the proof in opposition to it was overwhelming: a whole bunch upon a whole lot of open-air oil waste pits that, Chevron can’t deny, have been constructed by its predecessor Texaco because the operator of a concession, and had been actually designed to overflow into native waterways and drinking water sources, expressly rejecting alongside the best way common sense environmental measures that, for just a few million dollars, would have protected the lives of tens of 1000’s of individuals.) Even before the judgment towards it was affirmed on appeal and by Ecuador’s Supreme Court docket, Chevron declared it will never pay (which by itself is against the law and opposite to the rule of regulation, we mustn’t forget) and instead, with an military of actually hundreds of attorneys and operatives, launched a massive demonization marketing campaign to recast of the worldwide public narrative concerning the case, framing the life-lengthy social justice activists who led the case as a greedy and villainous fraudsters, the affected communities themselves as both “irrelevant(as Chevron has described them) or criminally complicit, and Chevron itself as the true sufferer of the whole state of affairs. Sadly, but perhaps not surprisingly, U.S.

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